Climate in Lonavala

Summer:Lonavala experiences pleasant summers between April to mid-June. Temperature during these months mostly remains between 16 degree to 18 degree Celsius, to a maximumof 34 degree Celsius. Relief comes from the heat by the frequent downpours and the cool breeze that brings down the temperature by a considerable degree.

Monsoon: the average annual rainfall of Lonavala is 450cm. The months between Mid-June to September marks heavy rainfall due to the coming in of the South-Western Monsoons. However, it is during the Monsoons that Lonavala reveals itself in its full glory.

Winter: Winter in Lonavala sets in the month of November and persists till the middle of March. The temperatures drop but not to an uneasy degree. It ranges between 12 degree and 20 degree Celsius, with a maximum temperature of about 33 degree Celsius. Lonavala becomes a populous picnic spot during the winter months when the weather is pleasant and enjoyable.

Lonavala resorts
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